It’s time to translate your ideas, research and story into imagery that helps people remember you.

Hi! I’m Laura Matteson

As a lifelong artist and dreamer, I know that an on-point logo and color palette is only a small part of branding. What really lights me up as a visual designer is breathing life into an identity that will serve you for years to come. 

In other words, I will help you translate the vision that seems so clear in your mind into one that instantly resonates with the women you are ready to support.

This all starts with renewing your commitment—not just to yourself, but also to the women who will benefit in amazing ways from their connection with you.

Ready to bring life & clarity to your mission?


The Littlest Guide Shop is all about support and education. If you are wondering what illustration can bring to a project, what branding looks like for a small business/ solopreneur or just want some support brainstorming just click the photo above.

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Stand Out As The

Brand Who Cares

The classic brands that hold true through the test of time are also the ones who really connect with their clients and customers and stick to their core values. You may be wondering how exactly to do that, and the answer is in baby steps! My favorite way to get started is by sending out care packs. Sign up below to get a free starter kit and start connecting with your unique audience today.

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