An 8-week LIVE email series that will teach you how to untangle your ideas, unify your community and amplify your message through illustration (for the non-artist and tech-challenged).

creative direction & business illustration for spirited mompreneurs

To the mama whose mind runs faster than her feet… it’s time for YOUR MISSION to be supported, clarified and illustrated.

Yes, Your business can have it’s own artwork!!

You’re a trailblazer. A free-range soul who does things your own way while bringing something new into the world. 

And you’re darn good at it! If only it didn’t take so much energy to explain yourself and catch your dream client’s eyes. (Distractions, am I right!?!)

You’ve spent countless precious hours scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest saving illustrations you wish you had for your brand. Canva and unsplash just don’t have the stock you’re looking for and custom art seems out of reach.

you’re in the right place if you’re looking for an artist who will cherish your mission, gather your ideas and help you release the clearest picture of your vision into the world.

What’s a visual voyage?

The Visual Voyage is a process and package for creating business illustration that untangles, clarifies and amplifies your message. First, we create a vision map together of your idea(s) with clear action steps (that you can also print and hang on your wall). Then, we craft illustrations that don’t exist anywhere else. We birth a new way of viewing your offering and deliver that to your audience.

vision mapping

…so you can see where you’re going


…to collect and share your results

character design

…so your audience can relate


…that catch their eyes

illustrated opt-ins

…that invite the right clients

editorial illustration

…to bring your stories to life

An 8-week email series with everything you need to know for using illustration to visually untangle your ideas, clarify your mission for yourself and your audience and then amplify your message online.

Every week you'll get video tutorials, a written lesson and action step for creating the pieces of your visual presence with less overwhelm and extra time to spare!

Work through them each week or save them in an email folder for later. The choice is up to you. They will be there for YOU when you need them. 

The LIVE series starts on Nov 4 and will wrap up just in time on the last day of 2019. 

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