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Create a Welcoming Opt-In

For Your Clients & Customers

Creating a Grand Welcome with An Opt-In


Your opt-in is your website’s grand welcome to your audience. 

Think about the entrance to your favorite restaurant, store, amusement park or house. Paint a picture in your mind of what the entrance is like and what your senses are going through when you’re there. 

I have a few favorites that I’ll share as examples for you.

One of my favorite places in the world is New Orleans. There are so many beautiful entryways there especially when you consider how much was rebuilt! I specifically love The Gumbo Shop in New Orleans. The entryway is a beautiful green color. They decorate with gold beads over restored brick and old paintings. You can hear the cheery trumpeting and drumming street musicians, smell the heartwarming wafts of homemade gumbo, feel the chatter and heat of the kitchen and taste the cajun seasoning and saltwater in the air. It’s heaven. Their entryway makes me feel at home even though I’m surrounded by strangers, but they are the happiest and most comfortable strangers ever!

Another favorite place of mine is the woods. It doesn’t really matter which woods I’m entering, the welcome is always the same. The crisp fresh air, the sound of the breeze dancing through the trees and birds conversing. The stillness and strength that old trees carry and the crunch beneath my feet of fresh leaves and acorns. Every time I’m in the woods it feels like I’m amongst friends. A place filled with color, creativity, growth and tolerance.

So when I want to go somewhere to rejuvenate and rest I immediately think of New Orleans. And when I need to get away from the hustle and think clearly I think of the woods.

This is how we want people to think of your business. What problem are they solving. When it comes time to solve that problem will they think of you?


Opt-Ins & Why They Are a Thing Online:

The online opt-in was born as a way to build an email list with people who are interested in what you have to offer.

The great news is that the more specific you are with your opt-in the more likely you’ll be to collect people who are head-over-heels for your business.

And if your opt-in creates a welcoming experience for them, they will think of you first when they need a new nutrition plan or to get organized or business direction or a toy for their nephew.

But how do we create a welcoming opt-in?

Think of Your Audience & What Makes Them Feel Like They Belong:

Take a look at what you’ve already figured out in this email series. You know who your audience is, how you can help them and how to make things look nice.

Now it’s time to imagine a wonderful welcome for them. Here’s your first exercise:

Imagine that your audience is coming to a retreat that you’re leading (it’s pretend so you can go crazy with this imaginary scenario). You’re planning the ultimate welcome for them when they arrive on the bus to your location.

  • Where is the retreat?
  • What do they see out the window?
  • What do they hear?
  • What does it smell like, feel like, taste like?
  • How will they describe it to others?
  • What would your first activity be?
  • What would you teach them first?

Now use that exercise to dream up an opt-in.

What opt-in would you use that resembles your first activity and lesson?

Opt-In Ideas:

The sky’s the limit with opt-ins. There’s just a few general rules to follow:

  • Make sure it relates to what you do
  • Make sure people sign up to your email list to get it
  • Make sure it’s easy to share with others

The expert in Opt-ins is Vanessa Ryan. She has a quiz that can help you find an opt-in type to start with when you’re brainstorming. Here are some ideas that I make with my clients:


  • Picture Quiz
  • Email Series
  • Checklist PDF
  • ebook
  • Mini Course
  • Webinar presentation



  • Live Event
  • Sample
  • Coupon
  • Excerpt
  • Infographic
  • Activity

There’s not really a wrong opt-in. Just pick one and tweak it if it doesn’t bring in huge numbers then try again. No worries!

Things to Consider:

Imagine your dream client or customer. What is keeping them up at night? What would they search for to answer this question that’s pounding in their head? What would bring them relief? How can you provide that relief in a small dose to help them right away?

You’ll want your opt-in to give them a quick win. Some small results or positive feelings that keeps them going.

You’ll also want the visual mood of your opt-in to match the actual physical mood you want them to feel when they find you.


  • If you want your modern mama future client to feel like they can successfully eat healthy and enjoy their life you can give them a list of easy ingredient substitutes for their favorite foods that they can put up in their modern kitchen. It’s modern, easy and helpful.
  • If you want your future overwhelmed CEO client to feel like a weight has been lifted off of her shoulders, you can present her with a list of 5 Zapier connections and how to set them up in under 2 minutes with easy to understand how-to pictures. It’s fast, easy and gives her more mental space.

This is an ever evolving piece of your business, since your dream client or customer will grow as well as your market and therefore so will your opt-in. So I want to leave you with knowing that you don’t have to pick the perfect one. You don’t have to make anything super big. You just need to start and be intentional about it.

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