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Catch Their Eyes

with Visual Psychology

Today as a little treat we’re gonna talk about the glitzy stuff: What kind of visuals to use to catch the eyes of your dream buyer:

You’re a smart cookie so you know that there’s no “quick hack” to converting your images, but there IS really solid psychology and visual tricks and since you’ve followed along this far I know you’re ready. 

Now that you know you’re speaking to the right audience, providing real content and understand the basics of design, you’re ready for these tricks. This is only for AFTER you’ve done the deep work of client research and business viability (see the first few emails in the series).

Let’s Start with a Visual Exercise:

    Close your eyes. Think back to the last thing you purchased online. Imagine that moment in your mind. 

    Think about what drew you to that ad/post/pin/etc. I am always drawn to ads with emotion or animations. I just LOVE them. And then if their title is mentioning a pain point of mine, I’m sold and I totally have to click through to see what they have to say.

    What are you drawn to? Write down on a sheet of paper the types of things you typically click on.

    Now write down a list of your ideal client/customer’s pain points and what their lifestyle looks like. We are going to reference that while we plan out how to catch their eyes. (If you need help gathering that information go back to the audience building email in this series). 

    Attention Grabbers



    Here’s some basic color & design psychology that you may have already noticed without realizing it:


    People are attracted to bright colors. That means colors that stand out from their surroundings. Like the bright purple flower in the middle of a field that just draws your eye to it. White is one of the brightest colors, so when it’s next to a bunch of grays and browns and other colors, white will always stand out. One caveat is that white is trending (especially on Instagram) so it’s not a sure-fire stand out color since a lot of people use white in their grids. But it is definitely a safe bet.

    ***You can see a visual example of this above in @Drewmartino_ Instagram. The bright white background and colorful images draw the eye toward the image. (Ps. You can click that image to go visit her profile, she’s got all kind of great tips and encouragement for ya!)

    Large blocks of color are attractive. Think of Coca-Cola. Whenever they display a large red billboard with just their white logo on it, it’s very eye-catching. 1. It’s bright and the logo is the brightest part and 2. It’s a LARGE block of solid color. Think of the aisles you’re drawn to in Target. Or the signs you actually read when you’re out and about. Most likely they are a solid color with simple text or a simple image in the middle.

    Humans are drawn to stories and emotional images. If your photograph or illustration tells a story or evokes emotions (especially if that emotion is one your audience is yearning for themselves) they will stop to look at what you’re putting out into the world. That’s why people love pictures of humans laughing. I always recommend to my clients that they laugh during their photo sessions. People want that joy. So pinpoint what your audience wants to feel and show them how they can feel that way with your offering.

    ***Check out the second image above from @your.latina.nutritionist’s instagram profile (click the image above to go follow her and get body positive messages in your feed <3) She used emotion in the illustration I drew for her and in her text. Her audience liked being able to see themselves in this story.

    The simpler the better. Don’t give your audience too much to digest at once. The purpose of an image or illustration is to pique the interest of the reader and get them to read more. You don’t have to put ALL of your important information in one spot. Interested readers will scroll.

    Catch their eyes with movement. When your audience zones out a little bit of movement can snap them back into focus. Think about when you’re at home and something zooms past your window, you’re most likely naturally curious to see what that was! Using moving images and animations in your social media and advertising is a great way to start engagement with your content (people reading it, liking it, commenting on it or taking action).

    ***You can see a visual example of this above in @52Freshies Instagram. I made this animation for her. And she is great at using bright colors to attract her audiences too! (Ps. You can click that image to go visit her profile, she’s awesome and totally worth following!)

    Put yourself in their line of sight. This was a tip given to me for ADHD support, put what’s important to you with other like things so you’ll be more likely to remember where it is. Well it works great for your visual content too. Put it where your audience is already looking. Find out what facebook groups, blogs, magazines, instagrammers they follow and put your visuals there. It can be an ad, a guest post, a guest interview, etc. Just show up where they are.

    Attention Keepers

    Now that you have your audience’s attention how do you keep the attention of your dream clients/customers?


    • Say something new. The best way to do this is to be yourself. Use your brain to think through what you learn and then share it through your voice. You’re unique and that means the way you share information is going to be unique too.
    • Get personal. Share real information. Stuff that your audience wants to know. Don’t be shallow, go deep with them to help them understand that you REALLY get them and that they are safe to work with or buy from you.
    • Make it easy for them to keep reading. Add a swipe up, link or button to make sure your readers can keep interacting with you. In an instagram story, give them a swipe up or invite them to DM you. In a guest blog post add your social media icons or tell them where they can hang out with you online. Give them the rest of the journey every time you get their attention.

    Action Makers

    f you want your audience to take action you need to make that action SUPER visible to them. Here are some ways you can do that:

    • Use a button in your brightest brand color
    • Use emojis (hands pointing down, arrows, stars, etc)
    • Embolden your call to action
    • Make your call to action BIG or …


    stand alone


    Hopefully this was helpful for you to get the wheels turning.

    The action step today is to make a list of ways to grab your audience’s attention. Then pick one and try it out.

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    Can I help you find something?

    A Note from the Illustrator:

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