It’s After Dinnertime…

You’ve played some games with your kids, or maybe walked behind them as they ran joyfully outside. Maybe you cleaned up the kitchen or organized plans and supplies for tomorrow while the littles entertained themselves. 

Now? You’re done. You’re tired and you’re spent, but it seems like your kiddos’ on buttons are fully engaged with no signs of the battery life draining. You hate the feeling of being irritated with your kids, grumpy and bristly and counting down the minutes until they fall asleep.

This can be a dreaded time of day. We get it, and we’ve lived it! It can be frustrating and draining. We want you to know there are other possibilities. We’d like to invite you to a conversation to inspire change, and maybe a little magic, at bedtime. 

Dream Up a Better Bedtime is our offering to you. It’s a space where you can get some fresh ideas for creating a connected, calmer bedtime with your littles, because ultimately YOU are the best parent for your child and a little inspiration is all you need. Join us for this live conversation from the comfort of your computer on Tuesday, July 23 at 11 am EST. Bring a mom bestie, or catch the replay together! 

Here’s What we’ll cover

Why a calmer bedtime is worth it

What nutrition has to do with sleep

Why Rhythms and Flows work

What a sleep-friendly environment looks like

How to get those wiggles out

How to use story cards at bedtime

Making space for visualization

What your exit style looks like

Who’s Chatting With You?


Laura is an illustrator and owner of The Littlest Guide Shop. She loves seeing moms connect with their inner voice and believes that art is a supportive tool for that journey. When she’s not bringing her client’s dreams to life visually, she’s soaking up sunshine on her balcony, splashing in puddles with her littles or tucking them in tight while dreaming up beautiful stories with Story Cards.


Emily Souder, MA, MSW is a mom, clinical social worker, coach for moms, and Reiki practitioner with a background in mindfulness. Her work centers around supporting moms in creating warm, connected, imperfect homes by starting with themselves. This includes creating tools to help with that process, such as Nesting Space at Bedtime, her album of kids’ bedtime visualizations.

**The information shared by Emily and Laura is not to be taken as medical advice. We are mothers who have been there, sharing what we’ve learned with you just like the motherhood communities of old. It takes a village to raise a child.