Some Helpful Answers to FAQs

Branding can be a mysterious concept with a lot of concern around pricing, return on investment and how the process works. I put together this page to answer a few of those questions for you. You can always reach out to me with any other questions you may have, I’m happy to answer.

Is this really gonna work?

So you’re here because you have an amazing idea and you want to see if I can create the visuals to match so that your audience can really understand what you’re providing and buy into it, right?

It can be a tough leap when you’ve been running your business a certain way and then decide you want to up your game and update your look. It’s been working for you, just enough. So you could go the same old way and still get business. But, you know you want something magical for the mamas you serve. A small business brand experience that invites referrals, ignites excitement and creates trust.

But…What if the designer doesn’t give you what you’re imagining? What if you don’t know what you want yet and the designer laughs in your face? What if it’s a fortune!?

I understand, I get those questions all the time! So here are some answers for you:

What is a brand?
A brand is everything that your buyer/client thinks of when they think of your business. For example, if someone asks you were to get a slice of pizza, an image will pop into your head of the perfect place. What makes your favorite pizza place perfect? Is it the quality of the product, the speed of delivery, the customer service, the location? ALL of those things are the brand.
The visual brand are all of the designed elements of a brand that people see when they look at the brand. So, when you are imagining the brand you probably also see their easy to read menu in your mind, or their logo or storefront. These don’t make you come back to the restaurant (the pizza probably does) but the visuals are what helps anchor that brand in your mind to store for later.
The more memorable your visuals and the more accurately your visuals match the experience, the better the brand and referral rate will be.
Do I need a brand if I'm a small business?
You have a brand, whether you know it or not. Brands are NOT just for big business. You don’t have to be Coca-Cola to have a brand (but you may have to be Coca-Cola if you want to hire all of the top designers and artists to create all the visual elements you could dream of lol). You can see what your current brand is by talking to the people on your email list or who purchase from you. See what they say about you on social media and ask they why they chose you. You’ll find out a lot about your brand, good or less-than-ideal! If you want a quick guidebook to assess your current brand health you can snag one by signing up for one of my weekly design clarity workshops here.
Will the designer give me the design I actually want?
You don’t have to know exactly what you want to hire a designer. You just have to know how you want to serve your audience and what you are providing. The ideas will flow from there. An experienced designer will give you what you want & need if they are a strategy & research-based, questionnaire happy, good-listener with years of experience. Hey! You just found one!
What if I don't know what I want yet and the designer laughs in my face?
Some less educated brand designers may not like getting little information up front. Most experienced designers and illustrators are here to be your detectives. To get to the bottom of what you provide, who you serve, where you will position yourself and make you look magical in that market. So we take hesitation and questions and turn them into clarity through audience research and visual mood boards. Thoughtful creatives love that kind of stuff. Once again, you’re in the right place.
Why do designers offer such a wide range of pricing?

You can get a brand from a young or beginner artist who will need extra support to get the design you want around $300-$1,000. You can get an experience designer package from $2,000-6,000. You can get a solo brand design agency from $9,000-15,000. And you can get a full brand agency for $20,000+  
Freelancing sites like Upwork or Fiverr will get you a quick design for much lower cost but the trade off is that you will send in for a bunch of revisions and won’t get the strategy attached with it.

Why is brand design so expensive?

Anything worthwhile that is paying for the time of a person with higher education and quality experience is going to cost more than what you wish you could pay. The great news is that when we invest in ourselves and hire the right person for a job, we will get a return on investment right away. 

Brands have a really high return on investment. Just think of your favorite stores. Do you have moments that remind you of them, do you recommend them? How do they make you feel? Why do you like them? That’s all part of their brand. And it keeps you going back to them. The same will happen in your business. Visual branding is the easiest part of branding to remember and trickles into customer service. 

Want Deeper Clarity?

Let’s hop on a FREE zoom call to talk about the creative direction of your business. Creative Directors aren’t just for magazines or agencies! Everyone has a creative piece of their marketing, customer service and branding whether they pay attention to it or not (hint: not paying attention to it makes it harder to look professional and grab the attention of your dream client/customer) Pick a time from below that works best.

The Littlest Guide Shop is all about support and education. If you are wondering what illustration can bring to a project, what branding looks like for a small business/ solopreneur or just want some support brainstorming just click the photo above.

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