The Visual Voyage


Your goals are epic, your message is invaluable and your needs are unique. That’s why the Visual Voyage was created with a simple blueprint that is 100% customized for each client who passes through it.

Every voyager who works with me goes through these pieces of creating an amplified visual presence online:



Step 1: The Vision Mapping Session


If you want something that converts you’re gonna need something that was intentionally planned. For myself, and most of my clients, standard planning doesn’t always work. You start planning one thing and then moments later you’re making some entirely unrelated checklist and wondering what you were supposed to be planning in the first place.

A mix of mind mapping, daydreaming and brain dumping into visual form is our jam – and I call that Vision Mapping. 

Not only will you have an visual action plan when you’re done, but you’ll also have a pretty little printable to hang up so you can see how close you’re getting to your goal.


Time to Make Custom Illustrations!


Anything we dream up in the vision mapping session can be created for you. I look at three main areas and depending on your budget and timeframe we can work on one or all of the main areas: MARKETING, CUSTOMER CARE & BRAND PRESENCE.

This is where things get SUPER custom. So the kind of illustration we make is really unique and tailored to each business. 

  • MARKETING: Illustrations that amplify your message like social media posts, ads, animations, etc
  • CUSTOMER CARE: Illustrations that win hearts like custom forms, gifts, workbooks, stationary, welcome packets, etc.
  • BRAND PRESENCE: Illustrations that clarify your offering on your website, blog, press kits, etc.
  • Choose a section of your business to start on now or do all of them at once! It’s up to you. I’ll make my suggestions after our vision mapping session and you can make the final call.

Organized & Flexible Creative Direction


Creating artwork for your brand is more than just making one or two illustrations, throwing them on social media and seeing what happens. There’s planning, testing, tweaking, tracking and growing. 

I developed the visual voyage so that we can work together until we find something that WORKS! You will never be left with a piece of artwork that sits flat. Here’s how we make that happen:

  • Visual Tracking Worksheets & Lessons so you can make tweaks and see a larger return on investment for your artwork + a 1 on 1 data chat following your use of the illustrations.
  • Questionnaires and forms to keep your ideas organized as we build
  • Client Portal so you can easily track projects, see progress and communicate with me 

An artist who cherishes your business


  • Unlimited edits (before receiving the final file), because you deserve to show up in the world exactly how you want to (and honestly we rarely need those).
  • Availability. I’ll reply within 24 hours to all of your emails on weekdays.  (no ghosting)
  • You’ll get easy to understand information, video tutorials and presentations of your artwork, ongoing support for anything that seems confusing. (No artsy attitude).



Flexible Pricing 

I know what it’s like to be a mompreneur. Your time and resources are precious. What you’re doing doesn’t make sense to everybody, but it totally makes sense to me. So I’m happy to meet you where you are to create a package within the scale below:



Pricing Breakdown:


Everyone pays a $300 downpayment to schedule a vision mapping session and find out what you want in your package.

From there you can choose to create illustrations for one leg of your business. Choose from marketing, delivery or brand presence for $1718(-$300). If you want a full illustration & design overhaul to keep everything consistent and save 5% overall we’ll craft a package closer to $4,896.

I’m flexible with payment plans too. You CAN have the visual clarity you want for your audience. <3

Get a bonus vision mapping session to use whenever you need it when you book before 2020!!