Building relationships for better business

The market can easily start to feel saturated when we don’t stop to build relationships that matter in our industry. You can stand out with your future clients by getting to know their problems and sending a littlest care pack their way to remind that they can trust you and that you actually care. After all relationships are a HUGE part of business.

This free article below is just one way to make a care pack using a few illustrated resources from my shop. You can download those for free >>>>>

Why use care packs?

It often feels like everyone is promoting and hustling to meet their goals and so are we. It can feel overwhelming to always sell and that feeling of a lack of human touch starts to creep in. How do we stand out and let our audience and prospective clients know that we can be trusted and that we truly care?

The best way to stand out is by using your own personality and perspective to touch the lives of your audience. An easy and thoughtful way to do that is through care packs.

Being personal and connecting with visuals will set you apart from your competition and will help you feel more connected to your audience.

If you have any customers who are on the fence or people who need a little pick-me-up, then a care pack (also called welcome pack or connection kit) will work wonders.


How to Make your Care Pack

Making personal bundles may seem time consuming, but the return on investment is HUGE and you usually gain some loyal fans in the process. Not only that, it feels good to care for the people in your audience. A human business is a business worth having!


  • 2 Reset Cards that resonate with your audience
  • 1 cellophane bag
  • 1 business card or more info card
  • 1 Littlest Love Note (available for free here)
  • Washi tape that matches your brand colors

Watch the YouTube tutorial below that I created to show one simple way that I personally make littlest care packs for swag bags and clients. If you want more ideas, purchase the littlest care packs strategy bundle (also available as a bonus here).


Putting it all together  

There are so many ways you can use this in your unique business model as well, if you want access to the brand strategy lesson I created just for you, then click the button below and type in your password that you received in your purchase email from myself or Abby over at WriteSolutions.

In the Littlest Care Pack Strategy Upgrade you’ll learn:


  • How to use care packs for Product Based Business

  • How to make your care pack effective for service-based businesses

  • How to use your care packs for retreat and conferences

  • Ideas for industry specific care pack additions

  • And many other ways to use these packs

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