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Thanks for reaching out! I’m suuuper passionate about using design to help businesses like yours look professional, stand out and build trust with their customers. I’d love to get the chance to produce those kinds of results for your business!


Beautifully designed visuals provide the vision + strong presence you need to connect with others.

When most people think of branding, they think of a logo. To be honest, a logo alone is not going to take you anywhere unless it’s accompanied with research, a visual strategy and a pulse on your audience’s needs.

I’ll use my years of experience and training to be your cheerleader, your support and your visual boost into the life you want to live, and we can do it while your child is sitting in your lap, no sweat!

The visual brand doesn’t make the initial sale (that’s up to your marketing). What it does do is guide your client and customer in recalling your business over and over for referrals and future purchases. People need a strong visual to help them store and categorize your offering in their brains. A mindful and custom brand designer (hello!) will help you create the kind of categorizing you want for your business. It’s like creating a beautiful, well organized filing system for your people. How helpful is that?!

Don’t just take my word for it…

At first I was hesitant that hiring a designer wouldn’t be worth the investment. I wanted my new brand and website to make people more aware of the work that I do and give them the ability to engage at a level that’s comfortable to them, with the hope that as they go deeper they will keep coming back for something new. So, I hired Laura and through the process she was a great communicator and valued open and honest feedback. She made me feel like we were on the same team working together to create something special. Laura is amazing and she is really passionate about helping women and mamas step into their creative heart.

Jennifer Ananda

Jennifer Ananda Yoga, (Brand & Web Package)

What can I help you with?

Custom Illustration

Together we’ll create beautiful drawings that help your audience understand your message and connect with your mission.

Brand Identity

We’ll work together to pick a position for your business and I’ll create visuals that help people quickly identify your unique services & products.

Web Design & Setup

Once you have an identity, you’ll need a place to serve your audience, whether it’s a wordpress site or an etsy shop. I’m flexible!

Packaging Design

Your product packaging is the FIRST thing your customer sees. Let’s make the unboxing memborable and magical.

Course Design

Keep your student’s attention with memorable visuals and a beautiful online classroom that brings them back day after day.

Event Experience

Delight your attendees with welcome kits, custom maps and coloring pages and a visual experience they won’t forget.

Your people are out there! They just need to SEE you.


Clarified Vision, Playful Illustration
& Empowering Support

As moms, it’s often a stretch to ask for help and come up with your own graphics. We wear so many hats in a given day that having that assistance to step back and look at the big picture is invaluable. Especially when that person can also add some visual pixie dust to it (just sayin!). All of my clients start with a Vision Mapping session. Click the button below to claim your spot.

The Design Process

Every project is unique, but the process stays the same:

  1. Sign an agreement & pay your down-payment
  2. Sign into your client portal and answer some questions to help me hone in on your design style and audience.
  3. Next, we’ll talk strategy, mood and positioning (how your people will remember you).
  4. Then, I’ll create the visuals for your brand identity or illustration project.
  5. You get 2 rounds of editing for free and then I create the supporting illustrations, design and/or website.
  6. At the end of the project you’ll receive a folder filled with tutorials for editing and using your final products.
  7. You’ll also become a part of the forever client support and can ask for help  or advice at any time.

My Latest Work

Take a look at some of the amazing client projects I’ve had a chance to support. Full case studies coming soon! If you want designs that have never been seen before, will stick in your audience’s mind and have a light handmade feel to them, let’s talk!

Commonly Asked Questions

I'm just starting my side hustle/business, why should I work with a professional?

Graphic design services provide more than just a pretty face. Through the process of branding or creating collateral, I will guide you through understanding your audience, knowing who you and your brand are in the marketplace and what you want to promote for the best ROI. When you are starting out or reaching for a new audience this kind of information is invaluable.

Do you offer any other options besides the packages on this page?

Yes, I’m happy to talk about what you need a create a custom option. I package based on what I would always recommend to get the best result, but of course everyone is unique. Scroll to the bottom of the page to set up a consultation call.

Do you only work with moms?

I am happy to help any business or nonprofit who is committed to improving the lives of families. I know the struggle that comes with working from home as a female and most of my content is geared toward alleviating that burden for moms. If you are a father or non-parent who supports a well-rounded support system and believe that anyone can be a great business role-model for kids then we will work together beautifully.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. I have three different payment plans. All payment plans have a 35% down payment.

1. Pay 100% at the end of the project (1 month).

2. Pay two 50% payments (2 months)

3. Pay three 33% payments (3 months).

Ready for your business to be clearly illustrated?

Client Love <3

I work with amazing clients all over the world who are using their skills to make their communities (in person or online) a better place, while also raising littles.

There are so many website designers out there, that I was not sure how to choose one. Laura was recommended to me and after we spoke initially, I liked her ideas and her vision for how to work together. I really liked the way she learned about the purpose of my website and my business and let that inform her design. The new design makes my business look professional! If you are considering working with Laura, you should go for it!

Sophie VanWingerden

WorldWise College Planning, (Brand Design + Web Package)

Working with Laura has been the best experience I’ve had with freelance work. She puts a lot of thought into her work in order to deliver the very best to me. She was always available to talk, she had great ideas for making the design better, and she truly understood my vision and design style. I will be working with Laura again in the future and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for quality and professional design work! I can always count on her to deliver my vision every time!

Lauren Victoria

Entrepreneur for Brand Hustle Academy // Brand Design //

Let’s Create Something Beautiful

Ready to book? All of my clients start with a Vision Mapping session. We’ll talk about your business goals and figure out where illustration can close gaps in your marketing and client journey. If you choose to book a full package with me afterward we can prorate the vision mapping session into the price of the package. Go ahead and complete the forms below to secure a vision mapping spot before 2020.

The Littlest Guide Shop is all about support and education. If you are wondering what illustration can bring to a project, what branding looks like for a small business/ solopreneur or just want some support brainstorming just click the photo above.

Can I help you find something?